Introduction and Instructions

"Vision is the art of seeing things invisible to others."  -Jonathan Swift


Our brains come with a primitive survival mechanism. Evolution has created neural connections (what we call NEMES or Neural Meta Structures) in our brain that are hardwired instincts that helped the human race escape extinction. Additionally, we have learned survival behaviors that are located in the hippocampus areas of the brain. When we experience pain or trauma, we actually relive the experience, embedding and automating the neural connections even further. This helped us survive on the Savannas of Africa, but sabotages our consistent trading.

Desired Outcome:

These guided visualizations create a reality for all parts of our brain, including the survival mechanisms. When we can clearly visualize our state of mind while trading, when we can act on our beliefs in the visualization, and when the visualization feels better and safer than our current reality, then we can get the support of all parts of our brain. We can repeat the visualizations until they do in fact become our reality.

Mind Muscle Development:

Creation of a Master Trader's Mindset

Additional Content and Exercises and Duration:

  1. Guided Visualization Q&A
  2. Introduction to Self-Guided Visualizations (17 minutes)
  3. Trading Temple (32 minutes)
  4. Master Trader's Home (40 minutes)
  5. Sports Trading Hero (18 minutes)
  6. Space Between Thoughts (26 minutes)

Course Instructions:

  1. Please review the Guided Visualization Q&A
  2. Please download (click on the three vertical dots in each section) or listen to the Guided Visualizations in the order suggested.
  3. Set aside the entire time of the audio file.
  4. Find a quiet space where you will not be interrupted.
  5. Adjust your body so that all parts are comfortable and all muscles can relax with ease.
  6. Do not listen while driving or operating risky equipment.

What is Guided Visualization?

Guided Visualization is a process of creating a mental image and experiencing the impact of that image viscerally with your physical sensations, your emotions and your thoughts as they emerge from within that created mindset.

To be sure we are clear, our visualizations are not about manifesting, wishing, hoping or just fantasizing about a better future. It is about preparing all parts of ourselves to accept and create the future we build.

Here is a short video where Emily Cook of the United States freestyle ski team visualizes each aerial jump as part of her training.

Why is Guided Visualization important?

Many of my students and clients are unhappy with their trading behaviors, but don't have a clue about what an alternative state of mind is like. Without a clear integrated experience of where we are going, our brains will not take us there.

Successful people are simply stepping into the state they are already living and breathing from. They see, feel, hear, touch and taste the experience right now. The next part is to bring their reality to match the experience. This isn't "manifesting" because the next part is creating the knowledge, skills, and behaviors that fit the vision. But without the vision, there is nowhere to go.

Our guided visualizations are focused on:

  1. Mastering a new mindset
  2. Achieving challenging goals
  3. Feeling a deep and core confidence
  4. Creating calm and reducing stress
  5. Unleashing creativity in solutions and strategies.

Why does visualization have such a positive impact?

The brain doesn't distinguish between what we imagine and what our brains experience as "reality." This is because the our experience isn't "reality," our experience is our interpretation of reality. Thus we can create a new reality with our imagination. And here is the cool part: our brain's neurochemical reactions are similar in both cases. Neuroscientists have long understood that "neurons that fire together, wire together." We can fire neurons, and create new patterns of behaviors from our visualizations. Thus you can create a new framework to view the world and this new view of the world allows you to create new opportunities to achieve your goals.

You can create your own visualizations.

  1. Pick a clear and measurable goal. Be very specific. Make it short, sweet and easy.
  2. Imagine every detail. Viscerally engage with smells, sights, touch, sound and physical movement.
  3. Script out the new behaviors like in a screen play in detail. Replay it like a movie.
  4. Notice any discomfort with the new behaviors. Allow the discomfort to be as you continue.

Notice your experience as you create specific new behaviors that feel better, honor your values and get you to your goals.

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