Creativity in Chaos

Become part of a supportive community that turns chaos into creativity

With the market volatility, are your trading or your investments at risk?

With the lock downs, is your employment at risk?

Is the health of your family and friends at risk?

How do we support each other in creating a productive mindset? Over the course of the last 2 years, I have been focusing my coaching on money managers and well capitalized independent traders. During this time I have seen significant shifts in the mindset that supports profitable trading.

You can learn what I have learned over the last decade. I have also been able to hone our practice by focusing on how we create productive thinking and create experiences that invite our clients to expand their profitable mindset.

Join our new “Creativity in Chaos” group, and let's take it to the next level. As an entrepreneur, investor, trader or business person, I am inviting you to join me for a weekly drop in group to create where we can support each other with guidance from my years of experience.

The goal?

  1. We will be looking for opportunities in our business, careers, investing and trading.
  2. We will see how our brains keep us from being aware of the options we have
  3. We will see how we stop ourselves from expanding our courage
  4. We will support your resilient mindset as you discover new opportunities

How will we do this?

  1. Discussions on specific themes
  2. Individual mindset expansion
  3. Group support and celebrations of progress
  4. Clarifying goals
  5. Group contribution of creativity ideas and vetting
  6. Exercises and simulations
  7. Reading materials
  8. Color coded progress charting

We will meet every Friday at 12 noon ET. (click here for your own time zone) It is important to bring a video cam to the meeting so we can tell who is contributing and talking. You can join us from a desktop webcam, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone. Remember, this is a live meeting, not a webinar.

What can you expect? You will have a community that meets in a positive environment that can share creative ideas and challenges. We have the option to engage in individual coaching, guided visualizations, exercises and thought experiments. We will have an environment where you can be heard and learn from other traders and investors.

How do you get access to the group? Simply click on the button below to register. You will receive connection information and ongoing updates, as well as access to the Creativity in Chaos dashboard.

No pressure, no negativity. Just a community of people that offer each other a stable support that we can all draw on.


  • Internal Mindset - How to create our experience of the changing world
  • Investing in a Post-Pandemic World - How to look for opportunities in chaos and paradigm shifts
  • Relating and Relationships - How to maintain and enhance relationships that are emotionally negative
  • Healing the Political Divide - How to create internal and relationship peace during a political war
  • Extreme Events - How do we anticipate and create opportunities during and after extreme events.
  • Pandemics, Panic and Peace - How the news is created to activate your brain's fear response

Your Instructor

Richard Friesen
Richard Friesen

Rich Friesen works with financial professionals, independent traders, business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to expand their mental game to make more consistent profits. With in depth experience as a broker, floor trader, financial software developer and entrepreneur, he brings concrete real world experience to his clients.

Rich founded Trade Management LLC, one of the most consistently profitable options and equity trading firms on the floor of the PSE. He created a way to visualize option values that enabled his floor traders to instantly execute trading opportunities.

Rich holds a B.A. in Philosophy, a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and is a graduate of the Gestalt Institute in San Francisco along with Master’s certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). His background in psychology has been instrumental in his development of his Mind Muscles™ training programs that supports the financial and business community.

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