Journey to Alpha Presence

Unleash the power you have to get the results you want

The Journey to Alpha Presence is the first step to accepting the power you have to get the results you want.

If you take a moment to consider what really drives satisfaction in your life you are likely to come to a conclusion similar to that of most of our clients:

It’s all about relationships.

Even the most introverted intellectual whose satisfaction in life comes from conceptual challenges ultimately needs the satisfaction of sharing intellectual victories. Even the biggest CEO curmudgeon needs others to carry out his or her work.

If we look at what makes us unhappy, the unhappiness from a broken toy is trivial and temporary compared to the pain we experience in relationships.

If you examine your own pursuit of happiness, you know what many of us have discovered; that happiness is all about the continual effort to stay connected to other humans at home, at work and at play.

And yet - over the course of our lives, we have cut ourselves off from being available to others.

These protective barriers served a valid purpose at the time they were created - to protect ourselves from immediate and sometimes continuing threat.

You are here because you want to engage others in your ideas, your vision, and your dreams.

You want to build your business. Old barriers are no longer relevant. Your world has changed and you want to change it more. It is time to take the Journey to Alpha Presence.

As you travel down the path to Alpha Presence you will become aware of a number of changes.

  • When conversing, time will slow down.
  • Engagements will be nourishing, not exhausting.
  • You will find the right thing to say without anxiety.
  • Internal judgments about others will no longer stand in the way of giving them a space to contribute to your dream.
  • Public speaking will become as easy as a conversation with one person, only more exhilarating.
  • Others will catch your passion easily.
  • Potentially hostile conversations will become a source of fascination, not dread.
  • Your intuition will blossom real time, while in conversation.
  • You will be able to change the mood of an entire room, simply by entering it.
  • Ultimately, and this is where the real gold lays, you will be able to access the creative genius of work and family relationships through your own personal presence.

Enjoy the first step in your journey to Alpha Presence.

Your Instructor

Rich Friesen
Rich Friesen

Rich Friesen works with financial professionals, independent traders, business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to expand their mental game to make more consistent profits. With in depth experience as a broker, floor trader, financial software developer and entrepreneur, he brings concrete real world experience to his clients.

Rich founded Trade Management LLC, one of the most consistently profitable options and equity trading firms on the floor of the PSE. He created a way to visualize option values that enabled his floor traders to instantly execute trading opportunities.

Rich holds a B.A. in Philosophy, a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and is a graduate of the Gestalt Institute in San Francisco along with Master’s certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). His background in psychology has been instrumental in his development of his Mind Muscles™ training programs that supports the financial and business community.

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